Common problem

Common problem

Q1: All industries still have various establishment doubts about the factory automation, for example, will the whole production line break down and affect the production when there is a fault?

A: This question is very serious and worth discussing. It is similar to the previous question - since preliminary assessment is of vital importance, is the planning direction is correct? Have the process development directions been grasped? Have the production management methods been understood? These questions are all very important and generally cannot be understood by general equipment manufacturer, who only pays attention to the technology. However, real automation equipment is more than single device. Besides the previous questions, the backup plan, after-sales services, and logistical support and training should also be attached with great importance.

Q2: Will the benefits and establishment costs brought by factory automation become balanced? Will it cost a lot?

A: This requires a careful assessment. Any automation input is related to this question with the aim of producing maximum benefit through minimum costs. Will it cost a lot? This is causal relationship. When the efficiency can be expected and realized, all inputs and costs will be minimal.

Q3: What benefits can be brought by the fully-automatic integrated production line? Compared with single equipment, are there any other benefits besides saving manpower?

A: The entire system integration and information integration can not only save manpower cost, but also save equipment cost, management cost, and manufacturing cost; the comprehensive real-time process tracking can minimize the errors or abnormal cost and prevent problems to improve and control the quality. Combining with ERP and MES, the system will make use of the most powerful management and sales performances, and give better play to the enterprise's brand image, production capacity, quality cost and cost control.

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